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OnTrackplus is Magnatech’s due diligence solution for unused ticket tracking. It is estimated that 5% of all airline tickets booked remain unused. More often than not, when a travel agency proposes their services to corporate clients, they are customarily required to demonstrate processes in place to handle the tracking of unused tickets as same can be exchanged for the value of future tickets provided they are exchanged prior to their date of expiry lest the client loses the value of the ticket all together. This can be a substantial monetary liability for large agencies and clients.

Calculating unused tickets and their value is a resource intensive exercise and customarily completed manually. For large agencies with hundreds of clients to manage, this task can amount to an indefinite number of man-hours. Magnatech’s OnTrackplus solution reduces that labor and eliminates the cost of unused air travel.

OnTrackplus is a web-based solution that automatically tracks, updates, and reports on unused tickets and can be segregated by individual traveler or corporate client.

OnTrackplus features include:
  • Unused ticket management
  • Access to one-time/stored reports
  • Expiry notification emails
  • Integration with online booking tools
  • Profile management
  • Partial ticket calculation
  • Web-based interface

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Magnatech’s Duty of Care system consists of the Traveler Tracking Map and Dashboard.  The increasing need of travel agencies and agents to monitor their travelers’ whereabouts at any given time and access all relevant information pertinent to his/her travel including flight status and itinerary information is imperative.  When developing SafeToGo, our focus was to create the best duty of care system for customer-focused travel agencies in order to quickly isolate their customers’ whereabouts to determine if they were in harm’s way due to extreme weather, political unrest and/or terrorist situations. The SafeToGo dashboard permits agents to access the status of their travelers in real time allowing the travel agency to immediately contact the traveler directly to ensure their safety.

SafeToGo features include:
  • Traveler Tracking Map and Dashboard
    • Itinerary tracking (flights and hotels)
    • GPS tracking
    • Corporate client dashboard access
  • Flight Monitoring
    • Flight tracking delays, cancellations, gate changes, etc.
  • Travel Alerts
    • Security, volcanic activity & earthquakes, general advisory, political terrorism, extreme weather, hydrological, health alerts, fires
    • Pre-Trip advisories
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Fully branded to the TMC

We identify with the risks associated with traveling and it is our hope to mitigate same and reduce confusion by providing appropriate, necessary and valuable data for agents and agencies to better provide quality customer service.

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Magnatech’s Compliance Control is our quality control and auto-ticketing solution designed for use by travel consultants to manage their verification and ticketing process.  Our touchless system is able to manage critical mid-office processes for travel management companies without the necessity of human intervention.  Compliance Control contains a flexible ticketing solution for any type of booking: domestic, international, online and Non-GDS.

Compliance Control is designed to reduce labor, anxiety, duplication and error.  MTCC assists travel agents with workflow achievements, facilitates the creation and implementation of new accounts and approvals, searching for lower fares and calculating fees.

MTCC features include:
  • PNR corporate policy validation
  • Auto-ticketing
  • Automate service fees
  • Automate contract and commissions
  • Loyalty program management
  • OnTrack integration
  • Lower fare finder
  • Automate destination specific remarks
  • Duplicate booking detection
  • Reduce time spent on error correction
  • Dashboard view of specific KPIs

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Magnatech’s automated pre-trip approval process addresses the ever-present need for the corporate client to ensure  their travelers are in compliance with its corporate travel policy. By implementing Magnatech’s Pre-Trip Approval process, corporate travel arrangers and managers have the option to approve, decline or request changes to certain elements of the traveler’s itinerary prior to ticketing.

Pre-Trip Approval features include:
  • Automated customized email notifications
  • Pre-defined email alert notifications transmitted on an interval basis
  • Dashboard access for quick review of notifications

The Pre-Trip Approval system can be customized to offer the corporate travel manager the highest level of flexibility with regards to configurable options. For example, prior to a trip being ticketed, the trip manager can receive an e-mail requesting authorization for a particular trip based on the rules/routines identified for that particular traveler. If the trip is authorized, it can then be automatically ticketed. Should it be refused, a reason code can be applied and the corporate travel arranger/agency can determine what action is to be taken next. The travel manager can receive a PDF report detailing which itineraries have been authorized/refused, the reason behind the decision and the party who agreed/declined the transaction.

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Magnatech’s hosted document delivery solution allows travel agents to email personalized travel itineraries to their clients. The itinerary can allow for agency branding, PDF copies of the itinerary and/or invoice as well as the option to sync the event directly to the travelers’ calendars. Agents can offer their travelers a tailored and professional service with an array of options to enhance their unique identity.