Our History

Magnatech Travel Management Solutions Inc. develops software facilitating the day-to-day tasks of travel management agencies. For over 25 years, Magnatech has developed mid-office automation tools and itinerary software helping travel agencies manage, track, locate, validate and deliver information. Our leadership team has spent the last decade perfecting web-based solutions to enhance the travel experience for the business traveler.

Magnatech’s products reduce the necessity of IT personnel and delivers the type of accuracy that is required to survive economic challenges and build a profitable business in a very competitive industry. The requirement for accuracy, efficiency and due diligence is of extreme importance to travel management agencies arranging business travel. Our web-based products are accessed anywhere and anytime and are designed to reduce time, effort and costs while improving efficiency.

Through the years, Magnatech has acquired and maintained long-standing relationships with many of the leading travel companies in the industry. A number of our clients are considered the who’s who of the travel management industry and are classified among Travel Weekly’s exclusive Top 50 list.

Magnatech will continue to be a part of the technological evolution that will simplify travel management and improve the customer experience. It holds deep domain expertise to the industry and delivers the solutions necessary to meet the needs of travelers and resolve inefficiencies in business travel. We intend to solidify our commitment to the travel management community by continuing to provide the highest quality customer service and software solutions for years to come.